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Photoshop for iPhone is finally here

Hallelujah. They finally released Photoshop for iPhone. All the features included in the tablet now on the phone | http://goo.gl/qCn6F

New iPhone 5 home screen

How do you like the new home screen? #jailbreak #evasi0n


McDonald’s, meal of champions.

America’s nourishment #McDonalds meal of champions.


Shit Siri says

Saw this on the Internet and LOL’ed #siri #shitsirisays


Skype revolutionized what!? WTF.

I must’ve missed something, how did Skype revolutionize the way we keep in touch. We have been doing video conferencing since windows messenger. There were other conferencing apps on smartphones before Skype. If anything G+ Hangouts revolutionized how we keep in touch because at least I can talk to multiple people at once.


A good friend died today

Sad day today, a good friend died. R.I.P. Chris. Gone but not forgotten. You will be missed.


Mac OS X “Kodiac” 10.0

The Operating system that started it all. OS X Kodiac released 9/13/2000. Mac OS X has come a long way.





Inaugural hip hop convention

$500 for admission. You have got to be kidding.


Most skillful shoplifter ever.

All I can say is WOW.

The original Siri

I used to love this when it was a standalone app, it used to work better. Why Apple, why did you have to go and damage a good thing?